Visiting Canada you want to Bring Visitors Health Insurance

From street festivals in Montreal to five-star dining in Toronto, and much more, Canada is much more than ice hockey and maple syrup; it is a country that receives millions of visitors each year. If you are considering visiting the country for study, work, or holiday, you must know that medical care can be pretty expensive. If you do not have the necessary coverage, you will end up spending a lot more on any medical emergency. So, buying travel insurance should be on top of your list. Harpreet Puri can provide travel medical insurance for temporary visitors, Super Visa holders, international students, work visa holders, new immigrants or returning Canadians waiting for provincial health coverage.

Protect yourself from any unforeseen events

Canada is a desirable destination for many travellers. The country offers beautiful scenic views that will leave you amazed, as well as you can immerse yourself in the country’s rich heritage and historic sites. Additionally, the government has diverse communities and cultures, making it a global melting pot for visitors. To avoid exposing yourself to any unfortunate event such as sickness, physical injury, baggage loss, etc., you must purchase an insurance plan that looks after the problems mentioned above. The average daily cost of medical care in Canada without insurance is between $3000 to $7000, a considerable significant amount. Ensure yourself with a visitor insurance plan by getting in touch with Harpreet Puri from Canadian LIC today.

To be eligible for visitor to Canada insurance coverage, you must:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Be in decent health condition
  • Must not possess any criminal charges or convictions
  • Prove to Canadian immigration that you will leave the country after a specified period.
  • Be financially secure to stay in the country till you leave
  • You must provide a letter of invitation from somebody who resides in Canada.

You will be denied visitor to Canada insurance if you:

  • Travel to the country ignoring your doctor’s advice
  • Have less than two years to live because you have been diagnosed with a severe illness.
  • Have been receiving treatment for a terminal illness or been diagnosed with any type of cancer that has spread from one type of body to another in the last two years.
  • Are the recipient of an organ transplant
  • You reside in a care home or nursing home, or any other rehabilitation facility.
  • You are aged years or older.
  • You require dialysis

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