Criteria to apply for a Super Visa Insurance

Over the years, the Super Visa Insurance scheme has become most popular amongst visiting family members for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. This policy was introduced to reunite parents and grandparents (who live outside Canada) with their children and their family. With Super Visa Canada, the visa processing time is cut down and extends the stay period from 6 months (regular visa) to 2 years. The key itself is also valid for 10years, and it is a multiple-entry visa. These attributes make the scheme one of the best ones available for a long-term stay option to Canada; however, you would have to meet specific criteria to be eligible before you apply for the visa. If you’re wondering what these requirements are, this blog post is the place to be. Read on to find out more

What do your parents/ grandparents have to meet?

Coming to the criteria part of the Super Visa Insurance policy, there are two sets, one set has to be fulfilled by your parent or grandparents, and the other set has to be met by you. Know that you can fill in the application form on behalf of your family members, but when it comes to requirements, it has to be the visitors who have to meet them. Now, let’s have a look at what your parents or grandparents will have to meet when they are applying for this policy:

  • They will have to state their purpose of visit and for how long they are planning to stay.
  • Declare that they will not be seeking permanent residence in the country
  • They will have the state their relationship with their home country.
  • The economy and political stability of their home country
  • The visitors will have to pass the Immigration Medical Test.
  • Most importantly, they will have to have medical insurance with $100,000 for a minimum of 1 year from a Canadian insurance company. Once these are met, you can look at the next set.

Eligibility criteria for the host (you)

As the host, you would also have to submit some documents and meet a couple of requirements for the visa application to be approved. What you will have to do is:

  • Draft a formal letter of invitation to your family members for the visit
  • Submit your employment letter that includes your salary as well as your date of hire
  • Submit your pay stubs
  • Employment insurance stubs
  • Banks statements
  • You will also have to declare that you can financially support your parents/ grandparents during their stay with you

Once both sets of the above criteria are met, your application will be processed smoothly, and you will be with loved ones before you know it.