What are the criteria to apply for a Super Visa?

If you plan for your Parents or Grand Parents to visit your family in Canada and spend more time with them, it is essential to get Super Visa Insurance. Super Visa helps Parents and Grand Parents of Canadian citizens to visit them and stay over for upto two years. This visa allows you to spend ample time with your family without having to leave Canada to home country.

To apply for this visa, it is essential to purchase super visa insurance. This medical coverage is necessary to ensure that your & your Parent request to stay in Canada with your family get accepted. We offer fantastic visa insurance solutions. For more information, please get in touch with us now.

Benefits of investing in a super visa medical insurance?

  • It covers your hospital accommodation
  • It also pays for your surgery and ambulance services
  • It includes emergency dental treatment and diagnostics and X-rays
  • It provides coverage for medical evacuation or emergency return home
  • It pays for your prescription medication and offers travels assistance
  • It offers coverage for post-operation care
  • It covers rental or purchase or medical appliances

What is the eligibility to apply for super visa insurance?

  • You must be a Parent or Grand Parent of a Canadian citizen.
  • It is essential to produce a letter from your child or grandchild inviting you to Canada.
  1. The Invitation letter sent by your child/ grandchild must comprise of mention and support of financial support for the length of your visit.
  2. Details about the number of people in the household
  3. Copy of the child/grandchild’s Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document

What are the criteria to apply for a Super Visa Medical Insurance?

Super visa medical insurance is essential to obtain your super visa. There is a wide range of super visa medical insurances.

Monthly payment plan: You can choose a range of monthly payment plans. This insurance locks your insurance at today’s rates for one year.

Super Visa Insurance for pre-existing medical conditions: If you have pre-existing medical conditions, must purchase insurance covering such conditions.

Trusted services

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CTA: Purchase a Super Visa Medical Insurance before you apply for your super visa. For more details about super visa insurance, could you speak to our team of experts now? We will be happy to help you with all your Super Visa Insurance needs.