Know About Student Medical Insurance for International Students

In recent years, Canada has become an excellent opportunity as a global hub for higher studies. Students from numerous countries come to the Great White North to pursue higher education to achieve their dreams, career goals, and professional aspirations. However, when you fill-up the application form for one of our prestigious universities, you may not want to forget about Student Medical Insurance. Now, we understand that you don’t intend to become ill when you’re traveling abroad for your studies, but it’s always wise to plan. Also, you will have to apply for Student Medical Insurance as, during admissions, colleges and universities would request proof of your overseas health insurance. Moreover, there are also several more reasons why you should apply for Student Health Insurance. Read one to learn about them.

Why should you apply for International Student Medical Insurance?

  • Lower medical expenses: With dedicated Student Medical Insurance, you would have to pay less for any treatments or medical procedures that you have to undergo. The amount you pay will compromise taxes and deductibles, and it would be less than what you might have to pay without a policy. For example, an MRI scan without insurance can cost around $2400, but it could be $0 Dollars provided you have $0 Dollar Deductible.
  • Wide range of benefits: Student Medical Insurance plans can cover pre-existing injuries, sports injuries, maternity expenses, hospitalization, prescriptions, and much more.
  • Doctor’s visit discounts: Several Insurance Companies have tie-ups with doctors, which will result in you paying a lower consultation fee than usual or No Cost.
  • Low Insurance Premiums: Student Medical Insurance plans come with low monthly premiums making them more affordable. The payments can be broken down and paid throughout your stay or Paid Annual one time payment.

These are only some out of the many benefits that come with International Student Medical Insurance. You can contact our team at for more details. We will be more than happy to fill you in with the details.

How do I apply for my International Student Medical Insurance Card?
It’s a relatively simple process, and you can apply for it at the same time you’re applying for your college. You can get the application form from a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, a hospital, and even ONLINE or SETUP MEETING at office if you already in Canada. Just show a valid ID, and you will get the application form. It will only take some time for you to get the insurance card. However, once you get it, all you have to do is show it when you need to undergo any medicare treatment. This process may include anything from a physician and prescription drug charges to diagnosis and paramedical expenses. At this point, you should also know that the benefits may change from province to province. For further details, contact SVIC.