International Student Health Insurance Plan

Canada prides itself on offering Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents free health care. Foreign nationals planning to visit Canada for study must educate themselves with the Canadian health care system, as it varies from Province to Province. Most provinces require International Students to register for Private Health Insurance Plans for the duration of their study program. In some provinces, educational institutions offer health insurance plans to international students.

Types of Health Care in Canada

It is mandatory for all International Students who study in Canada to have Health Insurance. Health Insurance policies available to international students are different in each province. It’s highly recommended that international students arrange for private Medical Health Insurance Coverage where students are not covered under provincially funded health care plans. Some educational institutions allow international students to register for insurance through their schools.

Provincial Health Care Plan

This health care plan covers Basic and Preventive Medical Services, as well as Emergency Care. An international student with a valid study Permit visa is Not Eligible for a Provincial Health Care card, and They must have their own Medical Health Insurance Plans.

Private Health Insurance Plan:

International Student Health Insurance Plan also available for services that may not be covered under the provincial health care. Under this health insurance plan, the student has access to Prescription Drugs, Dental costs, Ambulance services, and Prescription Glasses. As an international student studying in Canada, we suggest that you purchase a private health insurance plan for International Students before your trip, if not provided by your college, to make sure you are covered in all cases.

Canadian Insurance Companies Provide Insurance Plans for International Students:

  • Secure Travel
  • Travel Shield
  • Msh Silver Plan
  • Allianz Standard
  • TuGo
  • Manulife

The United Nations consistently ranks Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. The High Standard of Living and Higher Quality of Education draws many international students to pursue their education here.

If your college doesn’t provide a Medical Health Insurance Plan, you can contact Harpreet Puri from Canadian L.I.C. Inc. It is already stressful for an international student to find a plan that suits both school and the country’s visa requirements. Adding to the hassle of choosing an International Student Health Insurance Plan can be daunting. Harpreet Puri can guide you regarding the coverages under the International Student Medical Insurance Plans.

Also, Harpreet Puri can help you if you have any queries or need advice in choosing the best health insurance plan. For further inquiries & to schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to get in touch.