Why would I need International student health insurance?

You need a comprehensive insurance policy if you are planning to study abroad. One of the primary reasons is the healthcare costs that are too high for any student to afford. Even if you’re coming to Canada, medical expenses can cost you a fortune. This student health insurance is for all the international students coming to Canada from other countries as they are not protected under any government health plans. Due to this, many countries which receive thousands of international students have made International Student Health Insurance mandatory.

Suppose you have a good International Student Health Insurance policy. In that case, you will have complete peace of mind, knowing that if you find yourself needing medical assistance during your studies abroad, at least you will not have to pay thousand just for medical care.

Some factors that you should consider when purchasing International Student Health Insurance

When you’re shopping around for International Student Health Insurance, you should keep in mind the following factors, so you don’t end buying the wrong policy while paying extra:

  • What’s the maximum coverage amount: This is the amount your insurance company will pay for your medical expenses. It would help if you always went with a plan that has a high coverage
  • Deductible: The deductible can be offered to the out-of-pocket amount that you may have to pay even after the insurance company pays for you. It can be zero or thousands of dollars. You should know that the lower the deductible for a policy, the higher is the policy cost, so choose a deductible that you can pay.
  • Provincial coverage: If you’re planning to study in Canada, you should know that medical expenses coverages differ from province to province in our country. Before you apply for the insurance, find out about medical coverage provided for the province you would be staying in.
  • Coverage for everything: Check what you want coverage for; you can customize the contract this way. If you don’t choose all the options, it can lower your premiums
  • PPO network: Check if the insurance company you are applying with has a PPO network or preferred facilities where you can receive treatment. These facilities can directly bill the company for any expenses, instead of you having to pay and then claim for reimbursement.

Most importantly, ensure that the insurance offers coverage throughout your stay in Canada, and you don’t have to renew in-between. If you’re planning to stay long-term, Speak with us before renewing the contract. You can also opt-out and look for better options available in the market.