Why Visitor Insurance Policy Is Necessary

Visiting Canada? Hope you have your Visitor Insurance ready! Read on to find out why it is necessary.

Canada is a beautiful country with attractive plains and mountains. It is a very good place for vacation as well as to conduct the business.

Besides the environmental factors, a simple health issue can ruin your visit. And you may have to pay big bills of Hospital. The Canadian Government covers its Citizens for healthcare needs. But the visitors are not insured for their medical needs.

A visitor insurance plan helps you eliminate the uncertainties and keep your mind in peace.

But is a visitor insurance plan really worth it?

A trip comes with multiple risks. There have been too many stories of families being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having to spend a big amount on medical expenses and having to unexpectedly extend their stay. A visitor insurance is an investment that can help you securely go through your trip knowing you have a safety net. So yes, it is worth it.

How does a visitor insurance plan work?

When you are facing some medical expense, your visitor insurance plan can help you pay for your losses with ease.

Once you have purchased the plan, it is activated from the moment you have boarded the flight. This means you are protected end to end and can enjoy your stay in peace.

In case of any mishappening claim can be opened and it covers the expenses according to pre-determined terms. It removes the burden of hefty bills from your shoulders and ensures proper treatment for you.

Which visitor insurance plan is best and how to get it?

Depending on your travel plan and your budget, an insurance broker can help you decide your visitor insurance plan and its details. The types of plans you may have access to also depend on the type of visa you have applied for and the requirements for it.

For example, if you are applying for a super visa insurance plan, you will need to get a minimum coverage of $100,000 (CAD), but the same rule does not apply if you are applying for a work permit, student visa or visitor visa.

Most visitors prefer to work with an insurance broker to ensure they are getting the most out of their plan.

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