Why Choose Visitor Insurance?

Planning a trip to Canada? Don’t forget to pack your visitor’s insurance as well!

Read on to learn more about why a visitor’s insurance is a must have for your visit!

The beautiful country of Canada definitely has a lot to offer in terms of views and scenic locations. And while its citizens enjoy a well-equipped healthcare plan, the visitors are not offered the same benefits.

Travelling anywhere comes with its own set of risks and most countries do not include health care as part of the visitor’s package. A medical emergency in a foreign country is definitely not an experience you would like to have. The expenses tend to leave a large hole in finances for most of us.

How can you be financially prepared for a medical emergency?

Medical emergencies are definitely unplanned. But being financially prepared for one is definitely in our hands. A visitor’s insurance does just that.

Canadian visitor’s insurance plans cover medical expenses pretty effectively and are based on your requirements. They are curated to cover the medical conditions you are most concerned about. A simple check-up and form fill-up can ensure a smooth stay for you.

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Who is the visitor’s insurance for?

While being primarily designed for individuals visiting Canada for leisure or business, it can be used by a variety of individuals visiting Canada for alternative purposes. It can also be used by new Canadian citizens to cover their medical expenses while they are waiting for approval from the government.

What is the right time to get my visitor’s insurance?

A visitor’s insurance can be obtained even after landing in Canada. However, there is a wait period for the same. It is advisable to get it prior as this will provide coverage from the minute you begin your journey to the time you return.

How can I get a visitor’s insurance?

 Purchasing a visitor’s insurance can become a simple and quick process when it is done with the help of an insurance broker. Their experience and expertise can help you carefully sift through a variety of plans to determine the right one for you.

Most insurance brokers are well connected with a large number of insurance providers allowing you to benefit from terms and offers that you wouldn’t normally be privy to. Another benefit that comes with hiring an insurance broker is the ease. They look after everything from research to completion, making sure the only thing you have to worry about is packing your essentials!

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