Which type of health insurance do international students need to get before they reach Canada?

When you’re planning to study in a foreign country, one of the key things that you must consider is your health insurance. While none of us intend to fall ill, it is always wise to plan – and more so when you’re studying abroad.

Canada is famous for its free Canadian health care. However, the majority of these services are available only to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. So, it is imperative for all international students studying in Canada to have health insurance, if you don’t want to pay out of your pocket in case of an emergency.

Health Care Options

Though all provinces and territories provide free health care services, even if the patient does not possess a government health care, there might restrictions based on your immigration status. Many immigration programs require temporary residents of Canada to secure private health insurance for the duration of their stay. And international students are no exception to this rule. As a temporary resident, you can choose to get your health insurance through two basic options:

  • Purchasing private insurance from an insurance company
  • Registering for insurance through your school

Provincial Health Care Services

Canada has a provincial health care system that covers basic and preventative medical services as well as emergency medical care, where each province has different health coverage. But, a provincial health care coverage might only cover healthcare-related expenses that occur within that specific province. If you travel outside your Home/province for study, either to another province or a country outside of Canada, you must ensure to consult your health insurance provider to understand the coverage that your policy provides during your travels. If your health insurance does not extend to periods of travel, you can also choose to purchase private health insurance to cover medical expenses incurred during travel.

Choose the Type of Insurance Plan that Best Suit Your Needs

There are various types of insurances that you can pick from to suit your particular needs:

  1. International Student Health Insurance:

    This type of insurance is for students who are pursuing their education in another country. The benefits include emergency medical evacuation, mental health, and sports injuries.

  2. International Travel Medical Insurance:

    This form of insurance is for those people who are traveling abroad. This policy is usually valid for two years and can be used as a supplement to an already existing medical insurance plan. One of the key benefits of such a plan is emergency medical evacuation. In addition to this, the features of this type of insurance plan include:

    • Greater coverage at affordable amounts
    • Assistance for travel-related issues like misplaced baggage, documentation, etc.
    • Travel assistance like money transfers, concierge services
    • Coverage for family and dependents
  3. International Major Medical Insurance:

    This is a long-term insurance plan meant for those people who are living outside their country for at least a year. It is an annually renewable plan and it provides coverage for the individual and their families. Its features include:

    • High policy amounts
    • Flexible coverage options
    • Long-term coverage
    • Pre-existing conditions or injuries coverage

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