What is Travel Health Insurance & its benefits?

For every international travel you make, having travel health insurance coverage is vital. It is, simply put international medical insurance specially designed to cover your health expenses while you are away in a foreign land. Travel health insurances are usually customizable according to the duration of stay, existing medical conditions, age and other details.

Now you might think you already have your domestic health insurance plan. Why would you need another one for just a vacation?

  • Domestic health insurance is designed to cover the medical expenses that occur inside the borders of your home Province or Country. Sometimes they do extend a few benefits for travel but even so, it’s always better to be equipped with international travel insurance when you decide on foreign travel
  • International hospitals can be extremely expensive and most of the time will ask you to pay in cash immediately
  • The majority of the hospitals and clinics will not treat you if you are not covered by insurance

What Would An Ideal Travel Health Insurance Cover

There are three things your travel health insurance must cover.

Medical evaluation: Your medical insurance plan should cover your medical evaluation along with the costs of a medical escort to travel with you.

Pre-existing medical conditions: You should be aware of the pre-existing conditions the plan covers, the limitations and restrictions etc. Get these in writing from the insurance provider or there are chances that your policy might go null and void because of your pre-existing medical condition. It should also mention the time period of the coverage (stability period) and any changes in the medical condition or new conditions that surface during the stability period will not be considered for the coverage.

Repatriation in case of death: Your plan should cover the costs of preparation and return of your remains in case of death.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Travel Health Insurance Plan

There are a couple of questions you should ask before deciding on a travel health insurance plan. Some of them being:

  • If there is a deductible and if yes, how much would it be
  • If the plan would pay your medical bills upfront or not
  • If the plan would pay for hospitalization due to illness or injury at your destination
  • If the plan would offer continuous coverage for the length of your stay and even after your return
  • Is the coverage renewable from your international destination?
  • Does the insurance provider offer 24/7 emergency medical contact details in English or have a translation service?
  • Is any particular region of your destination country excluded from the coverage and if yes what are the alternatives available?
  • Are COVID-19 costs that include quarantine covered by the provider?

It is your responsibility to understand the process, the limitations, the coverage options and restrictions before you decide on medical travel insurance. If there’s anything you are not able to understand or you’re confused about, do not hesitate to ask your insurance advisor for help. In cases of any clarifications, always get the policy wording so that it does not disrupt your time during the vacation. Contact Super Visa Insurance Canada today!