What is Super Visa Insurance and How Does it Help You?

As a Canadian citizen you are eligible to make use of the now very popular Super Visa, an initiative by the Canadian Government to make it easier for parents and grandparents living abroad to visit their offspring.

An integral part of obtaining the super visa is purchasing a super visa insurance. This plan serves the purpose of providing healthcare to parents and grandparents who are visiting. It avoids any financial hassles and ensures a happy stay for both you and your family.

What should you know about super visa insurance?

There are various plans available for super visa insurance. But two requirements remain constant through them all:

1. They need to have a coverage of at least $100,000 medical emergency insurance for 1 year

2. Minimum income according to LICO

The reason for this is to enable easy re-entry and allow visitors to stay for longer durations without having to re-apply for visa. The super visa allows visitors to stay for a period of two years with ease.

Another very important aspect that individuals applying for super visa insurance must be aware of is the thorough medical check-up that will be conducted before the insurance coverage is approved.

This is not just essential to determine your premium but also for the process of understanding which disease require coverage and which can be avoided.

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How does a super visa insurance benefit you?

A super visa insurance not only makes the process of obtaining super visa easier, it also provides strong protection in case of medical emergencies.

The financial strain of having to deal with medical emergencies in a foreign country definitely puts a damper on vacation mode. Canadian hospitals definitely have very expensive hospital bills, especially when you factor in conversion rates.

With a detailed insurance coverage, dealing with medical emergencies becomes simpler. It leaves you with a sense of security and peace of mind. It can make your grandparents’ or parents’ stay feel protected. It even helps cover existing medical conditions making sure you parents or grandparents face any issues with their stay.

How can you get a good super visa insurance plan?

While there are multiple outlets for super visa insurance, it is easier to get in touch with an experienced broker to help you make the right choice. They can even provide assistance with getting the best rates and plans for your list of medical concerns and financial status.

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