What is International Student Insurance?

Studying abroad comes with its own set of hassles. An International Student Insurance can help you stay safe and prepared. Read on to learn more.

The pressure of assignments, making your rent payment and eating right is too much to deal with for any student. Adding medical emergencies to the mix can definitely tip your boat.

An International student insurance can help you stay prepared both financially and mentally in case of hospitalization or emergencies. They can be planned to cover both medical and non-medical expenses and are usually valid throughout the duration of your stay.

How does an international student insurance help you?

While Canada does provide health coverage for its citizens, international students are not covered under this. And hospital bills can be quite expensive. Finding the monetary support for emergency situations as a student can be quite tough. An international student insurance can definitely help reduce the pressure.

Canadian International Student Insurance provides dedicated benefits and often covers pre-existing injuries. If you work with insurance consultants like SVIC, you may even be able to access lower consultation fees.

Another benefit of such an insurance plan is that it is quite reasonable when compared to general plans. As students are young and healthy, they tend to get offered lower premiums and this helps make affording a good plan pretty simple.

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What should you know about international student insurance plans before you apply?

 The terms of the insurance plan depend on the province you are going to be studying in. Most Canadian colleges require you to apply for an insurance before you begin your stay.

More often than not, there are a variety of insurance companies willing to offer reasonable and well-thought out plans to students travelling from various parts of the world. However, if the province you are travelling to does not have the same, you will need to apply for it in the country you live in.

How can you apply for an international student insurance?

While there are many portals online that help you find insurance plans, expertise always is the right way. Choosing to work with insurance brokers can not only guarantee better premiums, it can even help you gain access to better plans that are not listed elsewhere.

Connecting with a broker also makes the process very simple for you. The terms of the plan and the premiums will be negotiated by the experts. They will study your financial status and provide you with plans that are reasonable and can be paid without having to empty your pockets.

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