Super Visa Insurance Requirements And Benefits

The super visa has provided a great way to connect families. But do you know the requirements and benefits of one of the most important part of the application process – the super visa insurance? Read on to find out.

From when it was released, the Super Visa or Permanent Residents plan has received a lot of love. It has become a great way for immigrant Canadian citizens to bring their family over for at least two years without having to go through the entire visa application process again.

While being a great initiative, the Super Visa does come with its own set of requirements and the super visa insurance is the primary one. According to the terms and conditions, an applicant must purchase a minimum of $100,000 (CAD) worth of insurance for their family member travelling to Canada.

This feature has been made mandatory to ensure a smooth stay for your loved once. Canadian citizens are covered under the government’s health care plan, this does not extend to non-Canadian citizens and this is why a Super Visa Insurance can be really helpful.

What are the requirements for a super visa insurance?

The basic items your super visa insurance plan must check are:

1. For every entry into Canada, the visitor must have a super visa insurance worth $100,000 (CAD).
2. It should be valid for a period of one year
3. It should cover hospitalisation and health care
4. It should be able to cover the costs of transferring the insurance holder back to their home country in case of an emergency

Super visa insurance plans have become more flexible now. Some plans even allow you to be reimbursed if your parents and grandparents stay only for a certain amount of time and do not make any expenses from the plan claims.

There are other benefits to getting a super visa insurance as well:

A super visa insurance is well-equipped to cover an array of problems.

It can cover:

1. Medical emergencies and treatments
2. Repatriation
3. Childcare expenses (if you are travelling with children)
4. Coverage for paramedical services
Some plans can even be tailored to cover expenses of meals and hotels if your stay has been extended due to a medical emergency.

A super visa insurance plan can be very beneficial as it provides a great financial security for anyone looking to travel to Canada to visit their family. This is why finding the right plan is very important. Insurance advisors can help you curate and understand your super visa insurance plan and help you make the most of it.

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