Secure yourself with Super Visa Insurance!

If your parent or grandparents are planning to visit you in Canada, it is essential to have super visa insurance. Super visa insurance is a mandatory requirement when you apply for a super visa. The super visa insurance must meet minimum requirements, and it should also cover at least one year from your date of entry to Canada. You can rely on us to offer super visa insurance solutions. Our team will note your requirements, duration of stay and other factors and provide you with a suitable insurance plan. Get in touch with us now for more information; we will be happy to help you with all your needs.

Factors that you must make a note of before you buy your super visa insurance

  • It must offer minimum coverage of $100,000.
  • This insurance must be valid for one year from the day you enter Canada.
  • It must cover hospitalization
  • It must also cover repatriation and healthcare.
  • An insurance company of Canada must issue this insurance
  • It must also guarantee a 100% refund if your visa is denied

Secure yourself

Although purchasing in super visa insurance can seem expensive, but in real life it is cheaper to have the SuperVisa Insurance then pay out of pocket. It’s always best to purchase¬† adequate insurance before you leave for Canada. If you don’t have insurance, you could end up paying more by trying to make an insurance claim in Canada. It is also essential that you choose a experienced & skilled insurance advisor who can help you select insurance that offers you appropriate coverage. Our insurance advisors are professional and experienced and can provide you with several insurance options and ensure you get the best policy.

Benefits of purchasing in a super visa medical insurance?

  • The super visa insurance will offer coverage for hospital accommodation
  • It provides excellent coverage for ambulance services
  • It provides coverage for follow-up checkup once the medical emergency is over
  • It includes emergency dental treatment, diagnostics and X-rays
  • It provides coverage for medical evacuation
  • It provides coverage for prescription
  • It offers coverage for post-operation care
  • It covers the rental or purchase of any medical appliance that you may need.

CTA: Are you planning for your Parents or Grand Parents to visit your family in Canada? Ensure that you purchased right super visa insurance. For more details about our Best Super Visa Insurance, Get in touch with our team of professional and qualified insurance brokers. We are here to help.