Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your International Student Insurance in Canada Look Amazing!

An insurance plan is a must for international students! Here are 5 tips to get the best plan for yourself.

The beautiful country of Canada is known for its robust education system and wonderful opportunities, making it a haven for students. Hundreds of international students enroll in Canadian universities and benefit from its versatile system.

Besides educational benefits, the Canadian healthcare system is also known worldwide for their facilities and provisions. However, this government funded coverage is provided only to permanent residents.

Without the coverage, the healthcare provisions could turn out to be quite expensive. For this very reason, it has become mandatory for international students to have a defined healthcare insurance plan.

And we are here to help you find the best one!

5 secrets to make your international student insurance look amazing!

  • Understand your requirements
  • Learn more about the different options
  • Find out the kind of plans covered by the province you are studying in
  • Compare benefits from multiple providers
  • Consult an insurance broker

What you need is what you should get!

When it comes to choosing an insurance plan, it is important to relate them to your needs. A few basic coverage points including dental work, emergency hospitalization and dental care are things that should be present. Apart from this, ensure you are covered for the most likely to occur complications.

There is variety, but what is right for you?

Depending on their requirement, students can choose between 3 types of insurance plans.

  1. International Student Health Insurance – A simple health insurance plan that is meant for students studying abroad, it covers basic injuries, medical evacuation and other necessary items.
  2. Travel Medical Insurance – These plans are more suited for students who want higher coverage. It is usually valid for two years. One of the key benefits of this plan would be medical evacuation.
  3. Major Medical Insurance – This plan functions better for students travelling with families. It provides higher coverage and is renewable annually.

One size does not fit all!

Every province has certain rules and requirements for the international student insurance policy. Understanding what these restrictions are could help you find a better plan hassle-free.

Comparison actually helps.

The more insurance providers you can compare benefits from, the better. Depending on the province and current insurance rates in the market, you could have a chance to get very good rates on your plan.

Consult an expert!

The best thing to do before finalizing a plan is to consult an expert. While the vast information available online could help you get an amazing plan, an insurance broker could make it better. With their connections and knowledge, they could help you research, navigate and finalize the most beneficial student health insurance plan!

Consult an expert today. Get in touch with Super Visa Insurance Canada for your international student insurance plan.