How To Handle Every International Student Insurance Canada Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

Planning to study in Canada? Here’s what you need to know about International Student Insurance!

The growing number of individuals applying for a Canadian university for their higher education has been from overseas. With any country, the risk of a medical emergency or a health based emergency is always present. That is why the Canadian government lays emphasis on health insurance for international students.

Health insurance or International student insurance has become a part and parcel of the college application process. However, most students soon realise that one size does not fit all. Depending on the university and the province you are headed to, the rules for your student insurance will also vary.

What kind of health insurance do international students get?

The first step for international students looking to get a decent insurance plan is finding out the rules of the province they are going to be living in. International students visiting Canada for studies usually are eligible for the following types of insurance:

  1. International student health insurance
  2. International medical travel insurance
  3. International major medical insurance

All three kinds of insurance have their own benefits and are geared to help international students stay medically safe.

How to apply for international student’s insurance in Canada?

Depending on the province you are heading for, you would either be required to purchase a government-based insurance plan or work with a private insurance provider.

If you are eligible for a government based insurance plan, you will need to go to the province’s website and apply via their selected vendors.

In case you have to opt for private insurance providers, there may be a search involved.

Why should you choose an insurance broker for international student’s insurance?

An insurance broker is well aware of the rules and regulations surrounding a student’s insurance in Canada. They can reduce the time and efforts and even provide you with the best plan for your requirements. They are very helpful especially when it comes to private insurance plans as they have a solid knowledge of the market and can get you the most competitive rates.

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