How to Get Visitor Medical Insurance Plans

No trip is 100% safe. A visitor’s insurance plan can help you stay prepared. Read on to understand more about visitor’s insurance in Canada.

Planning a trip to Canada? While the beautiful scenery is something one has to see, and safety is important where anything can happen.

Canada’s healthcare system is quite robust and its permanent residents are covered under the government-funded plan, allowing them to take advantage of the wonderful healthcare options they provide.

However, visitors are not provided with the same benefits.

Why should you get Visitor’s Insurance?

We have all heard of them. There have been many stories where a person has found themselves in a hospital during their trip. Besides the trauma of the injury, the gaping hole in one’s pocket keeps most bothered.

The Canadian healthcare system, while well-built, can be quite expensive for foreigners. Something as simple as a dental filling could cost hundreds of dollars. The exchange rate of their homeland country could add insult to injury.

A Visitor’s Insurance will help you keep your pockets safe and your journey worry free. Some visitor’s insurance plans may also cover costs of trip cancellation and baggage loss. Finding out your needs and preferences will help you curate your plan better.

Should I get Super Visa Insurance instead?

A Super Visa Insurance plan is meant for Grandparents and Parents of Permanent Canadian Residents. It allows entry to the country on multiple occasions without having to renew the terms for a period of two years.

This is not beneficial for someone looking for coverage for a single visit.

How can you get Visitor’s Insurance?

The simplest way to get a Visitor’s Insurance plan is to visit an insurance broker.

The brokers will help you compare plans and quotes depending on your requirements, travel dates and activities. If you are planning high-risk activities, the plan would be tailored differently, whereas if it is just a visit it would be a simpler, less expensive plan.

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