Get The Best Super Visa Insurance Quote from SVIC

In this video I will be going through the www.SVIC.CA website, SVIC. Let’s get a tour of this website and I will try to explain how you can run the insurance Quotes for super visa insurance in very easy and simple steps. So let’s get started with the website.

This is the home page of the super visa insurance Canada website. You can see there are four modules super visa, visitor insurance, travel insurance and the life insurance you will simply click on the product you want.

Super Visa Insurance Form Details:

I am taking the example for super visa only and then simply put the age of the person for super visa insurance. You can see there’s a quote form, in this quote form you need to fill some information, these are very basic ones because the system needs this information to give you the exact prices as per the age of the person. Let’s go with the 71 age and it is a single coverage. Here you can either put the date of birth of the person or you can put the age of the person and then you can start to select the start date of the policy.

Because the super visa insurance is always for one year that is why the system is saying 365 days. You just need to select the start date of the policy and then end date will be automatically filled in here. Next is the coverage Amount of the policy. So we have Hundred, one fifty or until one million. So for super visa insurance hundred thousand is the minimum requirement. But yes if you want to get the higher coverage then you can definitely select these one. I am going with the hundred thousand and then we need to select the pre-existing medical conditions of the person. If the person is having any medicines or if he is having any health issues then we need to cover that but that should be stable, so if we need to cover that just Simply click on YES but if the person is totally fine and we do not need to cover the pre-existing medical conditions then we simply click on NO and then click get Quote.

Here you can see the coverage is hundred thousand for age 71 and then for 365 days without the coverage for pre-existing medical condition, no, okay so here are the prices. You can see if you want to add the deductibles in the policy then you can see the deductibles in this row. What deductible means is if we are putting a 500 deductible in the policy the premium will go down but at the time of the emergency when we need to claim the amount first 500 will be paid from your pocket.

So as the deductible is going up your premium amount will be going down but yes the deductible amount you will be paying from your pocket whenever there is any emergency and you need to get the claim. You can see with zero deductible the price is 2380 for Berkley Canada but if we are going with thousand deductible price goes down with 1904. But yes, the client will have to pay a thousand dollar from his pocket. So yes, you can go with any of the deductible and if you do not want to put any deductible in the policy then you can just simply go through the prices with zero deductible these are the companies available and then if you want to buy it click here and then you can see the numbers here. For plan details just click on click here and you can see the plan details of that particular product.

Policy Summary and Details:

Here, policy summary and details, these are the benefits summary of that particular company with zero deductible and the criteria you have selected or you can see eligibility requirement here. How to make a claim, obtain refund, the exclusions and you have the policy wording in the pdf format. So this was for Berkeley Canada and you can see all the benefits summary and everything right here.

If you want to email the rates you can Click here by clicking on the email rates then you can put your email address and your name and then the system will send you the rates of that particular product you have chosen in your email. So, that way in future if you want to go through the prices again you just simply go on that email and then you can find the prices and you will remember what were the prices with that particular age.

I’m going back here.

Okay! And other thing I need to add here is if you want to compare the prices and the benefits of two to three companies you can do it in a very simple step. So if you want to, say, the price for Berkley is 2380 and for travel shield it is 2400 for travelance it is 2562. If you want to see the difference of these three companies you can select the compare option here for these three companies and then click on compare. So by this way you can compare the benefits of these three companies.

Why there is a price difference and then here you can see the coverage amount. Coverage amounts are given here, the major difference you can see here, prescription medications for Berkeley Canada, prescription medication is maximum dollar 500 a 30 day supply, in travel shield it is maximum supply of 30 days, in Travelance it is maximum thousand dollars or 30 day supply and with the emergency dental repair maximum is three thousand and here it is two thousand and then dental pain relief there’s a difference and then if we are talking about the chiropractor, the difference is here. So you can see the major differences by just looking at the comparison and just in a glance you have an idea why there is a price difference in these three. So sports injuries coverage not available here, available but not hazardous sports, so yes this way you can compare the three companies, why their prices are different and with which company you want to go with while buying the super visa insurance. So we have these many companies for the age 71 and with zero deductible. I am just closing this box. And then with 500 deductible you can see these are the companies.

Now let’s go with this couple policy, if we want to apply for a super visa insurance for a couple then simply put the date of birth of these two or the age of the persons. Let’s say I am writing it 70 here and then we need to cover the pre-existing medical conditions for person A but person B is totally fine and we do not need to cover any medical conditions and then get quote. So with age 70 and 71 here are the combined prices with travel shield, Berkley and then Secure travel, Destination Canada and then is travelance, 21st Century, Manulife, GMS, Alliance and Tugo.

How do get prices by deductible on insurance?

If you want to add the deductible, again you can click on 500 deductible. You can see the prices with thousand deductible, you can see the prices here. With zero deductible the price for person A is very high. You can see in every company the price of person A is high because we are covering the pre-existing medical conditions of this person. That is why it is higher for person A but we are not covering the medical conditions for person B that is why the prices are lower for the person B.

So, this way you can always get the prices very easily with just putting the age or date of birth and the medical conditions if you want to cover it and then select your deductible and then you can always give us a call if you are finding any difficulty getting the prices. We will be happy to assist you. And you can email the rates to your email, let’s suppose I want these prices in my email then I simply write the name here, the email here and the phone number and this way you can get the rates in your email directly for the future reference.

I hope this helps and we are always be available for helping you, to guide you on how to get the best super visa insurance prices for your parents and grandparents.

Give us a call and then we will be happy to help. Thank you.