Choose Best Super Visa Medical Insurance for Family

Best Super Visa Insurance for your Parents & Grand Parents.

In 2011, the Canadian Government introduced the Super Visa Insurance policy to reunite families with their Parents and GrandParents who live abroad. It has made the visa application procedure more accessible and extended the stay period from 6 months (with a regular visa) to 2 years. SuperVisa made it a prevalent policy amongst Canadians who wanted their Parents or GrandParents to stay over for a more extended period. For the Parents and Grand-Parents, it meant they wouldn’t have to worry about renewing their visas every six months. It’s a win-win situation for the entire family.

Eligibility Criteria

Like other insurance policies available in the country, Super Visa Insurance also comes with a list of requirements that the applicant should meet. These are confirmations that the applicant is indeed a Parent/Grandparent of a Canadian Citizen and additional criteria. Here’s a list just for you, so you can have a better understanding of them:

  • The applicant should be a Parent or a Grandparent of a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • They should have the clearance to enter Canada
  • They should provide proof that their child or grandchild has the minimum required income to financially support their stay
  • They should pass the immigration medical exam
  • They should have Medical Insurance from a Canadian Insurance Company worth $100,000 and it should be valid for at least 1 year
  • They should clarify that they are not seeking permanent residentship in Canada

An immigration officer will examine all the details to check whether the visitor is an authentic visitor and is willing to voluntarily leave the country following their visit. You can fill in the application form on your Parents/GrandParents ‘ behalf but you have to ensure that they meet all the criteria, else their application may be rejected.

A Multi-Entry Visa with many benefits

One of the major benefits of super visa insurance is the visitor can enter Canada many times and the visa is valid for upto 10 years. On top of that, the visitor can stay for 24 months at a stretch. Also, the insurance component helps in any type of medical emergency. Medical expenses for travellers are higher than for permanent residents but if you have super visa insurance the cost comes down and it would offer coverage for any critical illness as well as pre-existing conditions. These are only some of the reasons why Super Visa Insurance became very popular amongst Canadians from the get-go. You can apply today, get in touch with Canadian L.I.C. Inc insurance broker and discuss your requirements, it’s time you reunite with your family.