Benefits of Travel Insurance

Finally, going on your dream vacation? Hope you’ve bought travel insurance! Read on to find out why it’s the smart move!

The Canadian Government has done their best to provide its citizens with detailed healthcare protection. However, the same does not stand true for those who are looking to travel abroad.

So how does one go about ensuring the same kind of protection everywhere they go? With a well-thought out travel insurance plan.

What does a travel insurance plan do for you?

Medical mishaps tend to happen. They are unpredictable and usually leave a pretty dent in your savings when they happen outside of your home country. While we can’t foresee the emergency, we can definitely take the right measures and be prepared for anything. This preparation is what a travel insurance provides.

A travel insurance policy can cover the following for you:

1.  Medical bills for an emergency
2.  Hospitalization
3.  Prescription drugs
4.  Baggage loss
5.  Cancellation loss

Not all plans have the capability of covering all the above-mentioned points. You will need to curate the plan to include what you deem necessary. An insurance broken can definitely help you understand what is required with ease.

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Travel insurance is a small investment with a high return value

The provincial health insurance plan most of us equip ourselves with does not cover the costs of hospitalization or emergencies out of the borders of the province. The small investment you make on a travel insurance can truly give you peace of mind during your stay.

Whether it is dental care or a massive surgery, a travel insurance plan accounts for it and ensures you and your pockets remain healthy. Some plans can even add in additional benefits like baggage loss coverage and trip coverage making this the best asset during a travel.

How can you purchase travel insurance in Canada?

A travel insurance plan can be purchased from an insurance broker, travel agent or a credit card company. Most Canadians prefer purchasing it from an insurance broker. Why? Because of the many years of experience that most of them possess.

Finding the right plan is never a simple task. Having the experience of seasoned brokers can help you not only get the best deals on your plan but can give you an insight into what would be more valuable to have on your plan.

Their wide network of insurance providers allows you access to a variety of plans as well.

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